A New Interview for my New Collection of Essays, Body Memory

An interview with Eliot Parker, at CHAPTERS

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A Reading With Rachael (and Darius)

With Rachael and Darius I will be reading from new work at Empire Books as part of a Writers Can Read Event.

The reading will be on Monday, February 15 at Empire Books, Pullman Square, Huntington WV.
The event begins at 7pm and will run until 8:30 pm.

You can access the event page on Facebook HERE

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A Review of God’s Bicycle

By Forward Reviews. You can access it HERE.

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New Essay in a Recent issue of The Sun

You can read a preview here

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A Reading At Longwood University

Click Here

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God’s Bicycle

My new collection of poetry, God’s Bicycle, has just appeared in paperback and kindle from Futurcycle Press. I will devote a new page to it soon. For now here are a few links as well the title poem and cover art:

To Purchase At Amazon

Facebook Page

Press Release

God’s Bicycle

God is peddling a bicycle down
Highway 32, traveling west toward
Cincinnati against traffic (of course).
The bicycle is red—one of the sit-down,
layback types with three wheels and
a basket on the front filled with groceries:
local eggs, milk, cheese, some bacon
(He hasn’t been Kosher in years). A Bengals
pennant blows from the back (Who
Knew?!). He looks much like you’d expect
—a fat, elderly, white guy with a soot-stained
beard, and the slightly crazed and haggard look

of the father of many (many) children when
the children figure out he loves them
and that really, there is little he can do—
a time-out here. A spanking there.
Even if the burning pit is real, he will not
drop them. So they fight and bicker,
pull at his ears, laugh at shouts and idle
threats, beat the dog, masturbate on
the toilet, in the closet, in the basement,
on his favorite couch when he’s at work

and leave the stains for him to clean.
Saying, I know what you’ve been up to
I’m everywhere
does nothing (since
the Puritans) but make them exhibitionists
or hypocrites, at best, voyeurs. And what
did all that watching do to him at last
but make his eyes sore. So he leans back
in his pajama pants and flannels, peddling
his bicycle. His chin raised skyward so
he can’t see into the windows, can’t
meet the hungry stares, and it is
a miracle how he avoids collisions

(mostly) and keeps the world in orbit.
There is enough to do (Get out
of the way you crazy old)
, switching
gears from high to low, muttering,
as he goes, I love you all I love
you I love you I love you all I
love you

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My Interview with Derek B. Miller at the Interview Spot, Part II

It’s been a real pleasure to have this opportunity to talk about writing with such a talented author. Check out Part II of the interview here: The Interview Spot with Derek B. Miller

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New Job, New Interview, Off to Maine

Hello Everyone!

It looks as if I will be taking on a new job in the fall. I have just signed and returned an offer to Marshall University to become an Assistant Professor of Regional Literature and Creative Writing. This means that I will be with family everyday. No more commuting!

If you get a chance, check out me interview regarding Resisting Elegy at Derek B. Miller’s The Interview Spot:

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Welcome to Joel Peckham.com

There is a great deal going on in our lives right now–too much to update in a quick post. But Rach, Darius, and I are all headed up to the AWP in Chicago for three days of reconnecting with old friends and drowning in creative passive aggression. Should be wonderful.

I plan to have many updates regarding new and forthcoming publications, but for now, suffice it to say that we are all well and happy and the future feels as bright as ever.

Peace and Love,


Lookout for new poems appearing in current and future issues of Prairie Schooner, Grist, and Jelly Bucket.

An essay, “Please Take What You Want” is also in the current issue of Jelly Bucket.

A new scholarly article on the work of Minnie Bruce Pratt will soon be appearing in Texas Studies in Literature and Language

And another article on the use of non-linear and disjunctive prose style in Creative Nonfiction is out at Quarter After Eight.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out one or both of the anthologies in which my work has recently appeared

View from the Bed, View From the Bedside from Wising Up Press and

Mammas and Pappas: on the Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting from City Works.

Oh, and if you miss it, everyone can still access my original index page at


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